“He was called the Friend of God.”

James 2:23

The Exhaustive and Devotional Commentary on Genesis

Lesson 211

Jacob’s Chapter of Submission

Genesis 32:1-3

Lesson 212

Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau

Genesis 32:3-20

Lesson 213

Getting Alone with God

Genesis 32:9-24

Lesson 214

Jacob’s Match with God (Part One)

Genesis 32:21-25

Lesson 215

Jacob’s Match with God (Part Two)

Genesis 32:24-32

Lesson 216

Jacob’s Match with God (Part Three)

Genesis 32:24-28

Lesson 217

Jacob’s Match with God (Part Four)

Genesis 32:27-32

Lesson 218

The Reunion of Jacob and Esau

Genesis 33:1-7

Lesson 219

Jacob’s Declaration

Genesis 33:1-11

Lesson 220

Jacob’s Departure from Esau

Genesis 33:1-20